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Hi FitBuzzers


As promised, below you’ll find links to all of the supplements 

that were listed in Wednesdays ‘During Workout’ cocktail <.

They’re from my own recommendations and from those that

are popular among FitBuzzers.





>> Maltodextrin


Caffeine Anhydrous


I’m purposely leaving this one out, as I don’t want you to perceive 

this blend as a ‘caffeine’ blend. Because that’s not the goal. 

Caffeine Anhydrous was simply added because it provides a 

slower release as it doesn’t dissolve as quickly.


>> L-Carnosine


>> L-Glutamine



And of course, the food label fat calculator (Click to download)


>> Mac

>> Windows


You simply enter 2 figures from any food label and the calculator 

works out your (real) percentage of fat calories per serving.


That’s it for today. And remember, just reply to any of the emails if 

you have any questions about any of this weeks topics or the new

Operation S-Curve program (Or if you’re about to start it as many of

you have told me you are doing).






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