Introducing... 'Buzzcoin'!

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Just sign up on > here (And > here too).

The elephant in the room = You could simply sign up (Which is free) and do absolutely nothing

else, after you sign up to the website. Your email address will show up on our end. At which point, we’ll invite you in to get on stage 1, for FREE!

It’s free… Because I’m planning for the long term. As we may be introducing blockchain technology into our S-curve formula at some point in the near future.

And although blatantly free… ‘You can optional’… Is still not an option for everyone. If not for

YOU… Just stick to good old Paypal on stages 1-4 via More buzz. As that’s the current day
norm around ‘ere (For brand new followers).

Note : Once you’ve signed up… And if you decide to actually use your account there. We’ll give you super up-to-date tips on how to navigate the cryptocurrency world (Insider stuff). Along with some chatter, on how this all ties in with the S-curve Experience as a whole!

Who know’s what creative ways we’ll have fun with this in the coming months/years.

Update: As of newsletter December 29th

One way that we can start using the concept of blockchain. Is…

**As a digital ledger for stages 1-4 via More buzz (Yup)**

It’s a very fast moving industry. But still early days. So… Watch this space.