Why FitBuzzers Need Split Routines


Hi FitBuzzers

As a reminder, Fit Buzz is all about building a strong, 

lean and sexy physique. You do that by setting a goal 

and then combining the 3 keys that I speak of, which 

are nutrition, weight/strength training and cardio. You

can’t skip one in favor of the other either. (More on

this soon).

Now another thing that FitBuzzers will need to do is to 

start performing split routines.


Well, the goal is to take you to that 99% ‘body perfect’ 

level right? You can get decent results performing whole 

body workouts to begin with. But that will get old pretty 

quickly and your progress will come to a halt.

You will have to add new exercises in order to focus on 

specific muscle groups. However, you’ll have to find a way 

to do this without increasing the length of your workouts as 

this will compromise your results. Hence the need for split 


So, instead of trying to work your entire body, you’ll just pick 

one large muscle group followed by one or two small muscle 


Now, you already know about the core exercises to perform 

for each muscle group, as I covered that this week (Don’t 

worry if you don’t know what exercises to perform, as the 

workouts in the current/future programs are DONE-FOR-YOU 

and easy to customize where necessary) And below, I’ll

describe an intermediate and advanced split workout along 

side which large/small muscles you’ll exercise for each 


Intermediate split routine (Moderate intensity)

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs (Large > small)

Day 2: Legs, Back, Biceps, calves (Large > small)


O = Exercises to perform on the day


Chest Shoulders Triceps Abs Legs Back Biceps Calves
 Mon O O O O
Weds O O O O
Fri O O  O O


Advanced split routine (Moderate intensity)


Day 1: Chest, back, abs

Day 2: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves

Day 3: Shoulders, biceps, triceps


O = Exercises to perform on the day



Chest         Shoulders Triceps  Abs  Quads Back  Biceps  Calves  Hamstrings
 Mon O          



Fri O




Now, these are the style of workouts that will help you take 

your physique to the next level in terms of weight training. Yet, 

this is only just scratching the surface. There’s no way I could 

fit this entire topic into an email or article. Which is one reason 

why programs exist.

The Fit Buzz programs are always being upgraded as you know. 

And a lot of what you have learned here will be the base of the 

next upgrade to the No Nonsense Butt Building program with a 

focus on targeting your core, legs and butt. (If you have any

requests for targeted other body parts, just let me know by 

replying to this email).

I know that many of you struggle to achieve the results you want, 

because one aspect of the Fit Buzz formula is not being fulfilled 

correctly. This email may be one of them. This is just a start. 

But the programs are there for you in order for you to make that 

change regardless of what stage you are currently at.




”Fitness, because it makes EVERYTHING in your life work


”When all else fails, just eat some protein”

Facebookers understand 🙂

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