Fit Buzz America Muscle Building BONUS Video #3 ''Train for strength not for ego''

That’s your intro to becoming a non egotistical lifter Fitbuzzers. Now, here’s that workout routine I promised to share with you.
Performing exercises that will give you the best gains, instead of exercises that won’t!

Let’s take a 4 day split routine for example…


#1 Mandatory exercise = Deadlift

#2 Bang for your buck assistant exercises = Lunges, Full hanging leg raises


#1 Mandatory exercise = Military press

#2 Bang for your buck assistant exercises = Dips, Dumbbell rows, Shrugs


#1 Mandatory exercise = Squats

#2 Bang for your buck assistant exercises = Leg press, Leg curls


#1 Mandatory exercise = Bench press

#2 Bang for your buck assistant exercises = Pull ups (weight assisted with progression), Barbell rows

Just remember, this is just one example using the concept of few exercises to build real strength. The full details of this can be found over at the No Nonsense Butt Building strength training program.
Now, I did follow this program religiously from Jan 2011, up until April. And I can admit, that it does work well. And here is that excel document that I talked about in the video
It’s the heart of the 5/3/1 program simplified by yours truly. Just follow the instructions on the document. It’s dead simple. However, this isn’t the full program. You can check that out and all the reviews too over on Amazon ===> HERE
And you know what’s next don’t ya? :)… Fit Buzz motivation

Shaun and Team Fit Buzz

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4 Responses to “weight training program”

  • Bill on February 4, 2012

    Hi ~

    Tried downloading your Excel document for your workout but it doesn’t open.

    Please repost ~ Looking forward to Rockin with it !


  • Bill on February 5, 2012

    Hi Shaun,

    Got it ~ much appreciated your promptness.

    Ready now to dig in to this thanks to an awesome template as a guide ~ really like how you made it so easy to follow.

    Now comes the sweat and hardwork ~ Lookin’ forward to it !


    • admin on February 5, 2012

      Yup. Very easy :). Time to gain!

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