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Hi FitBuzzers

I hope your weekend rocked! I do speak with quite

a few of you personally, so I know some of you had

a fun weekend, which is a good thing. Especially

in this fitness lifestyle.

Now, the past several emails have been info packed!

If you did miss them, then here’s the link for you to

catch up

>>  Email archives

But I thought I’d give you a break today and just share

some successful progress that some FitBuzzers are


A total shred

Say hello to FitBuzzer Irene. Irene is currently the

Fit Buzz queen of yoga. Some of you may have noticed

her on the Facebook page last week, but let’s just say

that she has experienced a ‘total’ shred. And she is

proof that fitness makes people HOT! (As I like to say).

Irene’s progress pic

Her physique is typical of what most Fit Buzz ‘ladies’

are after. Which is hard curves (Not too hard), strong

glutes and a flat stomach (Not to ‘abby’). So that’s

a picture to stare at for some ’email’ motivation today.

The No Nonsense Butt

Some people don’t like surprises, but I like them in

Fit Buzz world. You see, some FitBuzzers are out-

going individuals and they’ll usually make me aware that

they have achieved success in fitness by following

something on Fit Buzz. And others simply achieve success

and simply carry on as normal and I may possibly find

out about it months after.

The first time I got surprised was during the summer

months, where published model Genna Fox revealed

to me that she was on the No Nonsense Butt Building

program. (Fashion models going fitness see to be a new

trend actually).

Then it happened again this weekend, with professional

photographer FitBuzzer Kelly Defina. Kelly has been on

the program for about a month, but her ‘letter C’ is already

taking ‘shape’.

Kelly’s progress picture

It doesn’t really matter what type of butt you’re trying to

build. The 3 key formula (Combined: cardio/weight training

/nutrition) will get you there and fast, especially if you’re a

newbie to fitness as that first time body shock tends to show

dramatic results within the first 28 days.

The Fit Buzz goal is of course to help you get to that 99%

body and to help you keep it. The great thing about ‘now’ is

that FitBuzzers send in pictures on a regular basis, so if you

need some motivation, that’s where you can turn to. The main

place to view them are in the Facebook progress pic album.

But I’ll create an official space for them soon on a Fit Buzz


Stay tuned for tomorrows email, where I’ll reveal the ONLY

supplements that you need to feed your natural Fit Buzz




The Fit Buzz programs to help you get strong, lean and sexy:

#1 No Nonsense Butt Building

#2 Meal plans and workouts for abs

#3 Fit Buzz Pull ups program

#4 Budget Foods for Abs

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