Vicky Lax

Day 1 (29th August)

photo 1

As you saw, your first workout was a lot of fun.

That kind of workout is what we call an S-curve bodyweight circuit.

That will help you push your muscles to the max because of the high number of exercises that we do.

From today… You are shredding fat and feeding muscle. So you will ‘eat’.

But as you also saw, your body is brand new to all of this. So I’ll be structuring your plan ‘live’ everyday.

You’ll learn new stuff everyday. I don’t expect you to remember all of it. And that is why it’ll be recorded here on your live update page.


photo 3

Is all about nutrition. I left this topic out on purpose for our first day. And you can see why, by all of the things we had to talk about during our time at coffee bean.

Some tips that I have you on this day…

– You can eat veggies and salad at any time of the day, however much you like.

– You like to eat at 1.00am in the morning. If you do, just eat chicken and meat. And stay away from rice, potatoes and pasta at this time of day.

– You will start to get hungry over time. When you do. Just eat. You will learn what to eat during our Tuesday shopping trip.

– A-F rated food examples

F = Steak burger
A = Lean steak with less fat

F = Mango shake
A = Mango

F = Apple pie
A = Apples

Your goal is to eat as much ‘A rated’ foods as possible.

photo 2

A rated foods can be boring. So we will have to

#1 Vary the types of A rated food we eat. Example = Muesli, granola or oats for breakfast. Not just one.

#2 Add fruit or spices to your meals. Fruit might be sweet. But we can do this because fruit is a natural food.

Tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you’ll do at home everyday.

We will do our first video on Tuesdays workout. And we’ll also do a tailored daily exercises video so that you can watch it and follow that at home.

I’ll see you on FB messenger and in tomorrow’s workout.

Day 3 (31st August)

This is your first video…


This is the video that you’ll do at home every single day.

Even on the days that you don’t workout.

This is your second video (Sept 2nd)

Day 8 (Sept 7th)

She has shredded around the belly.

And this is the selfie that she took yesterday.

Of course, she has 3-6 months to start seeing the results of her goal S-curve body.

But that’s still a 7 day shred to noticeable results. And the best part about that, is that you get to watch everything that happened, live, on this live update page.

photo (2)
She is naturally slim with some curves. Skinny fat in some areas. So the S-curve bodyweight circuits will help shred the fat fast, while building muscles through the high reps and sets.

Today, we’ll focus on increasing the weight via targeted exercises on the main problem areas.

Day 14 (Sept 13th)
As you can see. Her progress speed is crazy right now. This is her day 14 selfie

As you can see, she shredded fat. Not weight. So it’ll be interesting to see what she looks like at week 6.

October 4th