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> The 2015 S-curve Transformation Challenge

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Buzzo’s… TGIF…

See today’s ‘Morebuzz’ < for the buttgress pic

121 chat sessions….

They’ve been the key feature/benefit for a while now.

One of the main reasons, is because they’re just more human. Just… More

real, more personal. All of which, are traits that have been expanded, using

other tools (Private video recordings, Skype/Viber video calls).

Speaking of more human…

Be ‘human’ whenever you recieve an ‘update me’ message.


– We like to have fun

– We like to cheat munch

If that’s what you’ve been doing, in any one week, then be honest and say

that. What we do in this lifestyle isn’t robotic. Just make sure you ‘kill it’ on

the following week though :D.

Choosing your butt food

Now, everything you see here is waaay more advanced/simplified than back

in 2011 (When all of this FitBuzzing began).

Yet, the fundamental elements of good S-curvish nutrition remain the same.

Your S-curve Challenge meal plans… They’re DONE-FOR-YOU (Old news…

I know).

So you only need to prepare and eat.

However, as stated in Dec/Jan… YOUR foods now get tailored.

That is… The foods that you actually eat on a regular basis, get the S-curve

meal structure treatment.

Since that is the case, you’ll have to follow the universal principal when

buying food.

A-F food rating

Example #1

A – An Orange

B – Orange juice sweetened

C – Orange yoghurt

D – Orange fizzy drink

E – Orange ice-cream

F – Orange sweets

Example #2

A – Chicken breast

B – Chicken thigh

C – Frozen chicken

D – Breaded chicken

E – KFC/McDonalds chicken

F – Fried chicken

A = Food in it’s natural state

F = Totally processed

Which means the majority of the foods you buy should be A-C rated.

Why not just A rated?

Because eating clean food (All of the time) gets boring. Boredom will make

you want to ‘cheat’ more.

Yeaaa, there are great ways to add taste to boring foods, like Oats + whey

instead of sugar.

But you’d still get bored.

Also, you need to eat more than just A rated foods because of the varied

nutrients that you need to put inside your body (This makes a huge difference

in your results).

Anyway… This is how you should approach your shopping trips when buying

food, to become S-curvish.

There’s more topics to cover, but it’s #TGIF. So we’ll continue tomorrow. I’ll

see you in the replies.


For new OSC members (As of July 23rd 2014) –  Access to every current/new

program is yours for free during these six months of becoming S-curvish.

 >> OSC – Access to EVERYTHING  (6 monthly payments)

– Pay monthly ($66) for 6 months.

– The option to pause at any one month and restart again should ‘life’ get in the


– Access to every current/new program is yours for free during these six months…

But not given to you all on day one (Info overload), since your regime will be

properly tailored.

– You have 24/7 daily support over the 6 months via Skype/Whatsapp/Viber.

– On demand tailored video workouts for your eyes only.



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