Fit Bug Crazy Abs BONUS Video #3 - ''Typical Dieting vs Intermittent Fasting''


So there we have it…. typical dieting vs. Intermittent Fasting. It’s rising popularity isn’t just a fad, unlike some things we’ve seen in fitness, because people are adapting IF to their ‘lifestyle’ and many flaunt the results they are achieving.

  • Do we agree with all aspects of Intermittent Fasting? No.
  • Do we apply aspects of the lifestyle to Fit Buzz? Yes.
  • Should you try the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle? If you’ve evaluated the above and like what you hear, then yes.

Now, although I explained a lot of things in that video, I still only scratched the surface regarding Intermittent Fasting. But as I mentioned, one person we know who does very well teaching the Intermittent Fasting approach to fat loss and getting ripped is Brad Pilon, with Eat Stop Eat. Which you can check out —> HERE


Look out for BONUS video #4 in 5-7 days (I’ll send out an email).

And now for that other 30% of the fitness journey…





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