Tweek Weeks S-curve Short Splits Routine

The ultimate long term goal for everyone, is to become 90-100% S-curvish for travel-curvish trips @ Fitbuzzer Mik Policella…

The tweak week modules

Where did they come from?

Well… If you’ve been a member, you’ll know about the many tweaks in the workouts. The list is endless.

But… You wouldn’t have to worry about that, because you’re given the right stuff, via your live member page and 121 coaching chats. Thats what the flagship $300 a month results phase is for.

However… You’ll eventually fall out of that phase and into a lifestyle phase. At which point, the 121 live coaching sessions will slow down.

But we don’t want your results to slow down.

So… Introducing the solution

The tweak weeks

You see, there is a set format we stick to when it comes to the LIVE workouts.

We just use each one, based on the problems that you report back.

Examples using the tweak week modules

A hard week at work – Tweak week #2 (Medium weights lifted)

A natural big butt (Mostly fat) shrank into a shred-curvish butt (More muscle) – Tweak week #6 (Read > this newsletter to see what actually happens in this scenario)

You don’t want your cleavage to drop a size (Or two!) – Tweak week #5

A lot of the time, we mix up the tweaks in the LIVE workouts. Which is why the workouts are so effective.

However… The next best thing for you, being on a lifestyle phase, would be to have access to these formulas, on their own. Without the LIVE coaching.

This way… You can start your workout weeks, based on what your week will look like in your day to day life.

– This IS the next best thing, compared to going live.

– This is the best thing to do at certain points on your lifestyle phase.

– And it certainly is ideal as a summer routine, if you’re going to be in the gym less

This way… You don’t have to remember all of the individual special things that are responsible for getting you to a ‘noticeable’ or 60-70% S-curvish results stage.

You can just load up these tweak weeks. Pick a workout week that resonates with what’s happening in your life at any current time. And work at it.

The modules are one week modules. But it’s best to do each one for 1 to 3 weeks (Can be longer at times). As it’s pretty hard to gauge complete effectiveness in a 7 day period.

So… say hello to a mandatory part of the S-curve formula.

I did say that this regime would be different than the others (They all are from each).

But it’s required. And it will be used for monthly S-curve members who are on lifestyle phases.

We currently have 5 tweak weeks in place. And all of them are created, based on the problems that members face, during their workouts.

So expect to see more tweak weeks added (As a continuous free upgrade) as the weeks and months ahead pass us by.


Tweak Weeks S-curve Short Split Routines

Only $60.00 

One Time Payment – Instant Access!

Note: The price will most likely go up over time, as the program upgrades. But those upgrades will remain FREE from this day onwards.
Remember… We will be using this program within the 6-18 month/1-5 year S-curve formula for years to come. It’s a mandatory part of the program.

Now… I’m going to set you off in the correct way, by giving you some S-curve blueprint tips.

#1 Add a lemon to your plain water drinks.

#2 Go for hydrowhey if you can. Or any whey that has a boosted nutrient profile than standard whey. Just no fat @ hemp whey.

> Hemp whey is great for bed time/evening or breakfast nutrition (Especially when life gets busy).

> Taking whey and casein together at all times

#3 Stick to liquid fruits @ pre-post workout.

#4 The routine is pretty tough. And we’re still testing out > this supplement. So it’s a great time to give it a try.

#5 For a results boost… Stick to A-rated foods ‘only’, during your first 7-14 days on any of the tweak week routines. And use fruit as your cheat snacks. But never 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#6 Every single exercise or tweak that you’ve seen via any @fitbuzz program or video in the past 6 years, is here. But structured into these new (And much needed) tweak weeks.