Tweak week #1 (Heavy short splits)

The first week of all the tweak weeks…


Every single tweak week that you see here on this program, came into existence, due to a problem that one or several (It’s usually several) members have faced.

This particular routine came about, due to S-curve members wanting to ‘become S-curvish’ (You know, epic butt/Tiny waist and S-curve shape). But being too busy or tired to see it through. Such as the Aphrodite butt building program.

So 2-3 months ago… We decided to combine the magic, from all of the workout tweaks that we done with in person S-curve members. And place them in a ‘you have options’ format via shorter, yet still very effective routines.

– 3-4 exercises

– 1 minute breaks between sets

– 2 sets per exercise

– Heavy weight

– Upper > Lower > Upper… That’s what your workout days will look like 

– 3-4 times a week on this particular routine

You can choose any routine that you want in the future. Just like on the S-curve bodyweight circuits regime.

But that will come with time, as we add more tweak week workouts, based on what problems S-curve members are having. So for now. You have just 1 for upper body and 1 for lower body.

It’s impossible to get bored with this, because of the ‘tweak options’ on each exercise.

Upper body

#1 Heavy single arm tricep extensions 2 x 15 reps, alternating sets with no rest in-between.

options =

> Super reps

> Drop sets (Slight weight change @ 2.5 to 5kg difference

> Normal reps

#2 Standing heavy dumbbell bicep curls 2 x 10 reps on each arm. 2 minute rest in-between sets. You’ll probably fail to reach the rep numbers on the 2nd set. And that’s OK.

options =

> Super reps (Only do this on Mon-Weds… As you probably won’t have the energy to max out. And expect to definitely not hit the reps numbers. Hehe)

> Seated variation (Change angle of bench)

> Drop sets (Slight weight change @ 2.5 to 5kg difference)

> Normal reps

> 21’s (Barbell variation)

#3 Heavy bench press 2 x 10 reps with a 2 minute break in-between sets.

> Isolation hold reps

>  Go straight into a standing dumbbell tricep extension for reps until failure for one set on each arm

> Drop sets

#4 Standing dumbbell laterals 2 x 10 reps with a 2 minute break in-between sets.

> Focus on the form and stance from the video (Important)

#5 Standing knee to elbow walks 2-3 sets until failure

> Add ankle weights

> Do the walking variation

> Do the bench variation

> Do the hanging variation aka hanging bicycles

Lower body 

#1 Squat machine squats x 10 reps  > Calf raises, feet pointed straight x 20 reps/ Inwards x 20 reps/Outwards x 20 reps. Repeat after 3-4 minutes.

> Super reps on squats

3 pauses on calf raises

#2 Standing dumbbell abductions 2 x 15 reps each leg. Alternating sets with no rest.

> Ankle weights added

> 45 degree variation

Laying variation

#3 Standing lunges 2 x 15 reps each leg, alternating. 2 minute rest in-between sets (You’ll probably fail on the 2nd set on this one too).

> High tension reps

#4 Kneeling leg lifts 2 x 20 reps each leg. 2 minute rest in-between sets.

> High leg lifts

> Standing variation with hyper extension

> Ankle weights

#5 Standing knee to elbow walks 2-3 sets until failure

> Ankle weights

> Walking variation

> Bench variation

> Hanging variation aka hanging bicycles