Tina July 2015 plan

Hi Tina

The goal this month?

Pull out all stops and set you up for ‘epic’ first month results.

This means we’re going to do things outside of what a ‘typical’ monthly plan looks like, since we focus on the long term and living what we do as a lifestyle.

Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

This program effectively wacks your butt and hits your abs.

It’s an intermediate/advanced routine, so expect to have a lot of fun aka ‘good pain’ :D.


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday (Early morning/Late night), even on your official workout days.

These exercises are chosen based on your goal for any one month.

– Push up > Burpee > Pull up (Fat loss)
– Single leg super rep squat (Legs/Side butt)
– Clam (Butt)
– Hardest bicycles variation (Abs)

The video above demonstrates all that you have to do.



You don’t have to do anything for this month. But if you do… Then one 30 minute HIIT cardio session a week using the plan below (Swimming, sprinting, cycling, boxing, badminton).


Your HIIT plan #1


Your nutrition plan

Carb tapering – You’re going to cut rice, potato and pasta out of your dinner meals.

You workout in the evening? Then eat half of what you’d usually eat.

Calorie tapering – You’re going eat a big breakfast, followed by smaller meals throughout the day.


Calories and grams?

You won’t be counting any… Yet. You’re simply going to eat until you feel content, using…


The S-curve meal structure

This is how you’re going to eat for the long term (For the most part).

Which is… Effectively feeding your muscles while reducing a build up of unwanted fat. That’s what the S-curve meal structure is. It will change based on the time of day you workout.

These are the simple S-curve meals to follow.

Your simple meals (For variety)


Buying different foods?

Just send your shopping list across for guidance.

I’ll see you over on Whatsapp for continuous coaching.