The Truth About Fat

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Note: Your testosterone levels are impacted by 

the amount of fat you consume (Approx 30% 

of your total calories is ideal for most. Too small 

of an intake may negatively affect your testosterone 

levels). Both men and women need testosterone.

You will literally be going around in circles without it,

regardless of how hard you train or how fine 

tuned your diet is. You won’t make any significant 

changes. Which is why high carb, low fat diets suck 

(Which I talked about HERE). However, you need to 

correct your consumption of the right types of fat.

Introducing the one third rule: 

One third of your fat intake should come 

from unprocessed fats (Fish oil, hempseeds, 

flaxseeds, EFA’s). 

Another from avocados, olive oil and others 

from that list in the lifestyle diet ebook). 

Another from fats found in whole milk, red 

meat, butter… 

This is especially important if you are trying to 

grow your muscles (Or your butt), like, if you’re 

on the No Nonsense Butt Building program 

(Ladies, don’t worry. In fact, here’s a picture 

of Fit Buzz friend Andra, before and after lifting 

heavy to ‘build up’). 

=> Andra then and now

She looks good in both, but I’m sure you’ll agree

that the ‘new’ Andra beats out the old… right?


These ratios allow for quality muscle gains with 

minimal body fat increases. (Your goal is to 

increase lean muscle mass). You need fat. 

The types just need to be spread across 

several meals and to be consumed at a 

particular time of day (Time periods are listed


Here’s a meal based on someone who weighs 

180lbs. You can work out your fat intake in the

lifestylediet ebook)

Approx 16 grams of fat per meal

– Half tbsp flax oil with a protein shake

– Half tbsp olive oil with salad

– Saturated fat as consumed with lean red meat

The ratios can change and will rarely ever be

exactly a 3rd. The main thing is to ensure you

reach your daily totals of fat intake.

If you are trying to shred, simply limit or 

eliminate  all saturated /trans fats. At least

for a period of time.

Here are the times to consume proteins, carbs and 


Exercise Day: 

Breakfast:  (Slow digesting) protein/carbs 

Mid-morning:  protein/fat 

Lunch:  protein/fat 

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat 

Evening (after exercise): (Fast digesting) protein/carbs 

Pre-bed: (Slow digesting) protein/fat 

Non-exercise Day: 

Breakfast:  protein/carbs 

Mid-morning:  protein/carbs 

Lunch:  protein/fat 

Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat 

Evening: protein/fat 

Pre-bed: protein/fat 

Fat is not the enemy. Understanding how and which 

types to consume are…



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