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Last week was all about ‘during workout’ nutrition, adding the supplements

that can assist in taking you to that 99% physique while working on your


You all know that it’s all about eating the right foods at the right times based

on your total calorie intake. But one thing you don’t hear a lot about is what

stage you should buy/eat a certain food. Because most foods will have a time

frame in which they should be consumed in order to get the most out of them

during their life cycle.

And of course, it’s also about choosing the best type of food for your desired

food type (carb, fat, protein types). So today, I’m going to share a pre-workout

blend that focuses on the above. This is particularly useful for your muscle

building week if you’re going to use the carb cycle ‘training’ method described

in last weeks email update.

1/2 of a frozen ‘slightly green’ banana


Well, the pre-workout drink is all about that much needed energy boost. But

what you’ll want is energy that will carry you through the workout and not that

‘quick’ energy boost that ripe bananas will give.

1/2 cup of raw oat bran


Again, those Fit Buzz workouts will knock you out when you do them right.

Especially while using all of the ‘workout hacks’ from these updates. That’s

why the pre-workout drink needs to include ingredients that will provide

sustained energy, just like the ‘slightly’ green banana. Oat bran is great because

of it’s fine texture, which makes for an easy blend.

Raw, because uncooked foods are the most nutrient dense and will provide the

most energy. (I’ve even started to add it to my own oatmeal formula while being a

guinea pig for these Fit Buzz ‘hacks’. CLICK TO SEE PIC).

2 tablespoons of ‘natural’ peanut butter


REAL natural peanut butter contains mono-unsaturated fats… perfect for helping

you raise your body’s testosterone levels for increased muscle mass and rapid fat


(Which makes it the perfect ingredient to add for a carb cycle ‘training’ month)

What to look for on the label?

– Peanuts and salt (ONLY)

Half a cup of skimmed milk


Milk is great because it contains both whey and casein. Which means it will make

for a great aid for supplying a slow and steady release of amino acids for long

term energy.

Half a scoop of vanilla flavored whey (Or chocolate)


Simply for the ‘relative’ taste.


– Blend all ingredients near the highest setting for 15-20 secs

– Stop

– Add the flavored wehy

– Blend for another 5-10 seconds

Remember, you goal is to achieve the ‘best’ results. A lot of that will be the result of

being consistent with all of the Fit Buzz approaches described. Before you know

it, you’ll look in the mirror and realize that you are THERE.

Get nutrient specific FTW.



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