The return of the old stage 1

#1 $4.99… And not $9.99 like it was back then.

#2 Answer the questions on the page

#3 We talk it out a little via Messenger.

#4 Your first member page update will give you an overview solution of what you need to do @ your goals + fixing your problems.

Then we start building sh*t together…

Oh… And #4 = Some bday bonuses from me to you… If we end up making love… Moving on to further stages together. I don’t need to list them. You’re just going to get some good sh*t thrown at you.


You’ll need to answer the following questions. 

1) Are you on FB messenger? (Compulsory now… @ you don’t need to be ‘on’ Facebook, the website).

2) Your age/weight/height (To tailor your nutrition plan).

3) The foods you can’t eat or don’t like… Also, the foods that you actually eat on a weekly basis.

4) If you’ll be working out at home or the gym…

5) Your ‘work life’ schedule.

6) If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee with weight training….

7) The main problem areas that you want to fix on your body.

8) A day one selfie/belfie if possible.

9) Have you experienced any pain or injury that still affects you today?

10) The time you’ll workout + Current home equipment


So do that.

Send the answers to FB Messenger or reply to the newsletter with them.




The return of the old stage one


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