The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit

The Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight Circuit

These are circuit routines that you do until failure.

You’ll usually get through 3-4 rounds of these.

Each workout is structured to make you last longer in each one.

Each workout (Video) is designed to target your butt/back/abs in varying ways.

This routine is very different from the others, as the focus is to repeat these workouts.

There’ll be 20+ workouts by the end of it.

You’ll do 3-4 workouts a week.



– Spidercrawl push (To near failure)
– Knee up reverse lunge (10 reps on each leg
– Face pull > Pull apart (To near failure)
– Running on the spot variation with ankle weights (To near failure)
– Side to side push up position body jumps (To near failure)

> 1 set on each exercise
> Repeat all 5 exercises again. Keep repeating until you are wiped out. You should get around 3-4 rounds done, on average





– Single leg, leg raises (2 x 10 reps each leg)
– Bird dog (10 reps each side)
– Pull throughs (To near failure)
– Leg raise bicycles with ankle weights (Total 15-16 reps)
– Wide stance squat with light dumbbell at chest (To near failure) (REPLACEMENT)
– Resistance band lateral raises (To near failure)




All exercises till failure

– Push up position mountain climbers (Add ankle weights)

– Jumping alternating leg lunges (REPLACEMENT)

– Band from above/cable flyes

– Hand to feet single leg, leg lifts (Alternating legs)

– High tension quadruped hip extension

– Resistance band (Or cable) standing rows



– Touch toe Single leg, leg raises

– Jump squats (REPLACEMENT)

– Knee raises

– Single leg glue bridge

– Bleep test sprints

– Butt targeted deadlift (REPLACEMENT)



– Knee to elbow

– Super rep side lunge (REPLACEMENT)

– Jumping knee raises

– High kneeling leg lifts

– Bicycles variation

– High tension hip extension



– Push up > Burpee > Jump

– Squat > Kick back (REPLACEMENT)

– Squat > Knee to elbow (REPLACEMENT)

– Face pull > Pull apart

– Isolation squat



– Laterals

– Push up position mountain climbers

– Reverse lunge variation 9REPLACEMENT)

– Pull aparts

– Kettlebell/dumbbell one arm ski swings

– Long lunges (REPLACEMENT)




– Pull aparts

– Standing push press/Pull ups

– Good morning > Reverse lunge (REPLACEMENT)

– High tension hip extension

– Hyper extended standing leg lift

– Spider crawl push ups

– Knee to elbow


– Tricep extension

– Side to side jumps

– Isolation squats (REPLACEMENT)

– Bicep curls variation

– Push up position knee to elbow twist

– Leg curls (Use your Total gym)


– Rotary holds (Use your total gym cable)

– Hands raised knee to elbow twist

– High knees sprints

– Wide stance squat (REPLACEMENT)

– Pull ups/Standing push press

– Barbell rows



– Hit the traps

– Laterals

– Front raises

– High tension lunge

– Bicep curls variation

– Tricep extension variation

– 45 degree laying abduction

– Super rep bicycles