The 30 Day S-curve Challenge



A trend I’m starting to see…

The FREE 5 day guide that you signed up with got you amped up right?

It made you take action.

However… You’d still want to ‘see more’ right after the 5 days… Right?

Which is why you start receiving the daily newsletters right after the 5 days.


What you really want IS to actually start a program.

Just… You’re not ready for the long term program yet (Because you’re still ‘learning more’).

Sooooo… Here’s what I’m going to do for you today… If you’re new to @fitbuzz (It’s biz as usual for the rest of you).

S-curve member Monica 


Enter: The 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Trial

That is… You get to do one month of the official long term program.

I’ll then do everything in my power to ensure that you achieve the 3-4 week results that you’ve been seeing in the FitBuzzer hall of fame.

At which point, you can then decide if you want to upgrade to the longer term monthly program, which exists, because the magic truly is in the long term results.

The BIG bonus for you, is that you’ll walk away with your ‘foundation’ plan to build an epic butt/tiny waist and S-curve.

> Structured/tailored nutrition plan (With the new/popular simple layout that you’ve been seeing)

> One month of video workouts (Chosen by me, based on your goal)

> Your first personal tailored video (Where I speak to you directly, giving you what YOU
need to do, based on your starting criteria)


Which means I’m putting you in a win/win situation.


The 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Trial

Only $49.99

Limited Time Only



One Time Payment – Instant Access!


Fitbuzzer Rachel 

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