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The 6 Factors That Influence Your Daily Calorie Needs

Hi FitBuzzers

Now, I’ve been feeding you a lot of ‘new’ info on how 

to get strong, lean and sexy. Especially in the past 

6 weeks. But sometimes, you just need a reminder 

about the basic things that could be having an effect 

on you in regards to how you look at any given time.

So if you’re currently unhappy about the way you look, 

then it’ll probably be due to one of these 6 factors


>> The 6 Factors That Influence Your Daily Calorie Needs 



2 weeks ago, there was an email that described a simple 

way to calculate your daily calorie needs based on your

goal. And in today’s post, I’ll explain how I’m going to make

this even more simple, easier to calculate and easier to use.

The Fit Buzz programs to help you get strong, lean and sexy:

#1 No Nonsense Butt Building

#2 Meal plans and workouts for abs

#3 Fit Buzz Pull ups program

#4 Budget Foods for Abs

#5 Unique Bodyweight Exercises

#6 Guide To Necessary Supplementation



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