The S-curve Challenge Round #2 (March - Summer)



Will you have the best S-curve belfie by June 30th?

You will now…


Enter: The S-curve Challenge Finale

That is… All of the same stuff as before. But now including…

The Finale Elements

The finale… Which is a final push for your best S-curvish results by June 30th.

– Increased activity (Especially if you’ve been slipping)

– Do it daily without fail

– More accountability via the 121 sessions @ coach and trainee (YOU)

S-curve members have already shown us what can be achieved in just 3-4 weeks. Sooo… All of the new/popular stuff that you’ve seen has been added to make the S-curve Challenge even more ‘super’.

S-curve Challenge member Monica (Received 9th Feb 2015)



Remember, that is…

> Structured/Tailored weight training/nutrition

And not…

> Slow-go cardio + Rapidly dropping daily calories

There’s been a lot of movement in the program in the past month. 2015 is in full swing. So naturally, the S-curve Challenge will look different @ continuously improving.

– A push for best results by June 30th and because we know what can be achieved in 3-4 weeks shown by current S-curve members…

– Early bird entry to receive the new and upcoming exotic location/S-curve Reshape Challenge 4-6 week workout programs, which you’ll get for FREE (When you do them depends on your tailored regime).

– Focused emotional support via the 121 chat sessions.

– The official ‘Back into the groove’ workouts… You do these when you’re getting back into your training after time away… Or when you’re short on time on any given day.

– A full month of the new/popular/simple S-curve meal plan structure

– YOUR foods/meals entered into the new simple meal structure from day one.

– The super short and easy to follow video meals.

– The new strength progression guide.

– Free voice calls… Always (Limited availability).

Starting this weekend means that you’ll have access to everything on this page until June 30th.


Back to the S-curve Challenge

Which is…

– 12 weeks to push for your best 1-3 month S-curvish results.

– 12 weeks of VERY hands on 121 support chat sessions via Whatsapp/Skype/Viber/FB messenger.

– On-going on demand tailored video workouts for your new video series page.

– YOUR tailored meals (The foods that you actually eat daily via the S-curve meal structure)

– All training programs are FREE, but you’ll be instructed on which one to start at any given time.

– Your tailored ‘to-do everyday’ exercises, whether you workout or not.

The best ‘unofficial’ challenge results was set by Anne in October, at 3 weeks to noticeable results.

photo 4

– Your goal is to do the same or better… And then to drastically improve on that.

– The @fitbuzz goal is to ensure that YOU achieve your best!

Yup… We’re in beast mode!

The goal = Build the best S-curve (belfie)

And of course… there are prizes for the best S-curve transformation(s).


Prizes up for grabs?

– An extra 3 months of 121 sessions and tailored videos via your video series page (That’s half a year of on-demand coaching/tailoring).


There’s only room for 5 winners

Which means judging is going to be tough on judgment day.


Because there has been record numbers of transformations in the past few months (See the ‘Fit Buzz hall of fame’).

So yaaa… June 30th will be a VERY interesting day/week!


The S-curve Challenge Round 2

Only $199.99



One Time Payment – Instant Access!



2014 was good. In fact, it was the best year yet for FitBuzzer S-curve transformations.

Examples from the hall of fame

Fit Buzz follower Kelly

photo 5

Fit Buzz follower Aurora

photo 3

But we can do even better!

This is happening because 2015 WILL be better!

This is mostly for FitBuzzers who have time sensitive goals. You know...

– Become S-curvish for that summer wedding.
– ‘I’m about to be featured on a TV show soon’.
– I’m going to be hosting events throughout summer (Naked attire).

That means we have from now until the start of summer to push for your absolute BEST
S-curvish result.

The best thing about the S-curve approach is that the ‘result’ you get prepares you for
long term results that you get to KEEP!

Which means you’ll be in a great position to continue with the monthly payments option
after your time sensitive goals are done.


Why? @ Results to keep

Becoming S-curvish =

Structured/Tailored weight training & Base daily calories maintained.

A rapid drop in daily calories (200-500) + Slow go cardio =

Fast results, but destroys your metabolism. Which makes it harder and longer to get the
same result if you start again properly.

This approach may also leave you looking skinny fat. Which is a ‘skinny person’ who
has a high body fat %.

That’s not cool. Soft lean and S-curvish is (See social highlights in ‘Morebuzz’ or S-curve
member progress pics in the hall of fame).