#TGIF Injury Prevention stuffz

#1 In general, any pain you feel should feel like something is constantly pulsing in your muscles. If you feel like you have a shooting pain every time you bend a body part, then you’ve most likely got a problem.

It may not be your fault. But as always, prevention is better than detection.

#2 Tricep extension exercises

> Always lock your elbows.
> Only push with your forearms.
> Drop the weight once your form starts to fail.
> Stick to max 15 reps per set.
> Position your arm so that it feels comfortable and not what the default position should be.

#3 Deadlift exercise variations

– Stick to 8-10 reps per set, regardless of the weight.

– Only do them on every 2nd or 3rd workout.

#4 Workout frequency

Beginner S-curve members always think that they need to constantly workout. Several times a day?!?!?

Kill that mindset now. You’ll get yourself injured. I’ve seen it first hand, waaaay too many times now. So please, stop


– S-curve bodyweight circuits (20-25 mins)

– Aphrodite butt building workouts (25 -45 mins)

– S-curve split routine variations (25-40 minutes)

– Tailored daily exercises (15 minutes)

You don’t need to do anything else outside of that on your set plan.

The workout is just the trigger for results. The magic happens via the S-curve meal structure.

#5 Lateral raises

– Lock your elbows and arms.
– Bend your knees slightly and drive each rep from the ground upwards, using the energy from your feet, all the way through to your shoulder blades.
– Bend at the waist slightly.
– Stick to 8 -10 reps per set.
– Light to medium weights.
– And do the exercise on every 2nd/3rd workout.


– A focus on executing a perfect full range of motion rep.

– Warm up with exercises that are similar to what you’ll do in the workouts.

– On heavy days, warm up with bodyweight exercise variations of the heavy exercise you’re about to perform. Usually 5-10 reps right before doing the heavy exercise.

– Warm down with stretches.

– If you get a shooting pain in your lower back. Stop immediately. And don’t start training again until the issue is resolved.

Like I said… These are only a few rules and they will change for every S-curve member.

But this is a good place to start and bookmark.

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