Temi Tailored Plan July 2015

Hi Temi

This page is YOUR home. It’s where you’ll find all of your on-going monthly plans.

Your workouts

I’ll be putting you on the Venus workout regime for this month. The rules are on the page below.

The Venus Workouts

It’s an intermediate/advanced weight training routine that effectively targets your butt/abs.


Use the simple HIIT plan below.

Your HIIT plan #1

For this month… 1-2 HITT cardio sessions per week. Cycling, swimming, sprinting, boxing and badminton all work well for HIIT.

Your nutrition plan

We always start the first month with a simple plan.

But the reason why I needed your age/weight/height is because it’ll get more precise as the months go on.

Right now?

The S-curve meal structure via the simple meals below…

Your simple meals (For variety)

In short… This effectively feeds your muscle while reducing an unwanted build up of fat.

I’ll see you back on Viber.