Tara February 2016 Plan

Hi Tara

Welcome to your first month on the S-curve Challenge.

The main thing that you need to know, is that ANY goal that you have, can be achieved.


Because it’s all science. We just have to follow the rules.

For you, that simply means following whatever plan I have set for you.


The goal for this month?

– Shred your belly
– Shrink your waist
– Shape and grow your butt

There are several video training regimes on the S-curve Challenge as a whole.

But there are 2 specific regimes that will work great for your current goal.


Your workouts

The first regime I’m going to put you on is…


The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit


This is a bodyweight circuit routine until failure, that targets your abs, butt and back specifically.

It is a ‘shred’ routine. But adding light/moderate resistance will help is with our goal.

Almost all official video workout regimes last 4-6 weeks. The full details are on the page above, for this routine.


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you’ll do everyday, wether you workout or not.

These are exercises that I have chosen for you, based on the areas that you want to target. Your belly and butt.

Watch the video above for a demonstration and explanation.

It’s usually best to do them as you wake up or before you go to bed.

– Hard bicycles
– Super rep clam
– Hyper extended standing leg lifts
– Hand raised mountain climbers


Your off days

The workout regime you’re on for this month also acts as your HIIT cardio for this month.

You can also use these days for your other activities. We’ll get into the specifics once you start this regime.


Your nutrition plan

We will continue to work on tailoring this as the weeks pass. Everything will be updated on this page.

But the following doc is several S-curve meal structure variations that’ll give you some idea on what foods you can buy to vary your food types.


Your simple meals (For variety)


This is the initial plan and some things are most likely to change.

But everything you see here WILL help us get the results we want in the best way possible.

I’ll see you on FB messenger.