Tara April 2016 Plan

Hi Tara

Welcome to April!

We’re going to take a break from the bodyweight circuit for this month. Because it’s time to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

We’re now going to switch to high frequency training via the Aphrodite Butt Building workout regime.

#1 This will encourage growth, since it’s a heavy lifting routine

#2 This is the female training program that tends to force change.

High reps, sets, exercises, weight and workouts days (Around 4 days a week).

These videos are a little longer in length. So you’ll appreciate the text descriptions under each video.
The Venus program can be used for upper body days.

Your lower body workouts

Your upper body workouts


The first is a completely lower split workout regime. It’s the program that gets the most reports of results obtained. Also known as high frequency training… Which is how most women need to train, for the result.

The second are upper body split workouts.

Your week can look like this…

One week

Mon – Lower
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Upper
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Lower

The following week

Mon – Upper
Tues – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Weds – Lower
Thurs – Off/HIIT cardio (Optional)
Fri – Upper

(It’s ok to repeat the upper body workouts… More may be added).

Follow the rules on the Aphrodite Butt Building page (Lower body workouts above)



Your tailored daily exercises


It’s business as usual here.

The exercises have changed. And we have an exercise that targets each body part. You’ll do one set of each exercise till failure.

– Spider crawl push ups (1 set till failure)
– Knee to elbow twist (1 set till failure)
– Knee up > long reverse lunge high tension (1 set till failure)
– Running on the spot (1 or 2 sets till failure)

This will help to keep your body fat levels in check for this month, since we’re now on a ‘growth’ routine.

Which leads me to…



Just focus on the S-curve meal structure, eating until you feel content and varying your food types (Different variations of lean meat, rice, pasta, cereals).

Just look for high protein/carbs, low fat and high fiber on the food labels when shopping. Feel free to shout at me via our chats.

We’ll possibly tweak this section as the month goes on