Bodyweight exercise & Diet Plan Bonus Video #1 - "Lifting weights for weight loss"

Now, like I said, everyones goals will be different, yet, we are all after the same thing…

to get into the BEST shape of our lives. Some of you know what you want, some of you won’t. But here I’ll describe body fat percentages and each type of physique you’ll have for each. One of these types will be what you’re after.

1. Full House = No visible muscle definition. Bodyfat level = over 20%.

2. Hard = Some muscle separation appears between delts and upper arm. Abs are still
not visible. Approx. bodyfat level = 15-19%

3. Cut = More muscle separation appears particularly in the chest and back, outline of
the abs begins to appear slightly. Approx. bodyfat level = 12-14%

4. Defined = Muscle separations get deeper in the arms, chest, legs and back, and
abs appear when flexed. Approx. bodyfat level = 10-12%

5. Ripped = Abs are clearly visible all the time, vascularity in arms is prominent, chest
and back separation is obvious, and face is starting to appear more angular.

Condition can be held indefinitely. Approximate bodyfat level = 7-9%

6. Shredded = Striations appear in large muscle groups when they are flexed.
Vascularity appears in lower abdomen and in the legs. Condition can be held for
several days with careful dieting. Approximate bodyfat level = 5-7%

7. Sliced = Muscles and tendons begin to appear in the face when chewing, striations
appear everywhere and vascularity appears everywhere. Bodyfat levels are close to
3% and subcutaneous water levels are near 0. Condition can only be held for a few
hours at a time. Not a healthy condition to stay in due to lower water level.

Starter diet info

We all know that to build a killer body
you have to spend more (effective and
productive) time in the kitchen, rather
than endless hours in the gym. And when
I talk about being productive in the kitchen
I’m talking about preparing the right foods
and avoiding the ones that sabotage your
fitness results. And below are 3 foods that
you should consider eating less of (Or in moderation),
if your goal is to stay shredded in 2011 and beyond.

#1: Fruit Juices

Most of the world is fooled into thinking that
downing fruit juices is a great way to be healthy
and lose weight. But the fact is that this just isn’t
true. Grape juice, orange juice, pineapple juices,
apple juice–they all almost instantly spike your
blood sugar levels and cause cravings for more sugar.
Even worse, processed juices are stuffed with High
Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline Fructose
which cause even more powerful cravings than regular
ol’ sugar. Eat fruit instead. The fiber in whole fruit slows down
the release of insulin and holds cravings at bay.

#2: Bread

White bread is stripped of all its natural fiber
and nutrition. It acts just like sugar in your
body and gets quickly stored as fat. I see
obese children eating white bread sandwiches
and slurping on fruit juice all the time… and
it breaks my heart. Children will eat
healthy foods if they are not introduced
to processed foods that addict them and alter
their sense of taste.

#3: Most Cereals

Take a look at most cereal boxes and you
will see a TON of sugar in every servings
and most people eat two or three servings in a
bowl. Then they wonder why they’re hungry
an hour or so later. Check the labels and stick
to cereals that have a lot of natural
fiber and lower sugar. Equal amounts of fiber
and sugar will help reduce cravings. What’s more,
natural oatmeal is a great choice with a little cinnamon,
stevia and a couple blueberries. It’s loaded
with fiber with some good fats and proteins.

To all our fitness successes

Shaun and Team Fit Buzz


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Bodyweight exercise & Diet Plan #2 – “Bodyweight exercises to get lean”





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8 Responses to “Starter Diet Info”

  • Cheree on November 2, 2011

    Thanks for the link to this site. now i have an understanding why I shoudn’t be eating all those things listed above. I indulge in all of them 3-4 x’s a week. Not anymore. I guess my metabolism slowed down with age & 2 child births, so even though I use to eat those things yet maintain a flat tummy, I can’t anymore. hard work & will never killed me I think the trade off for “genieabs” is worth it. Thanks doll!

    • admin on November 2, 2011

      You’re welcome Cheree. Fitness all the way.

  • EV on November 27, 2011

    DEFINED & SHREDDED! Thank you for this 🙂

    • admin on November 27, 2011

      You’re welcome Eva, stay tuned for the other updates too. This is just the beginning…

  • hanna on March 11, 2012

    i’m about to turn 18 i’m 72 kg and i’m 1,52 m tall so you can only imagine how i look, i really want to lose weight but i really don’t have any time . i’m a student and i stay in school from 7 am till 7 pm please help me !!

    • admin on March 11, 2012

      Hi Hanna. First things first, give this ebook a read Then feel free to come back and we’ll speak more. 🙂

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