Driving? What’s that got to do with being an effective 

FitBuzzer Shaun?


First off, hello and I hope you had a great weekend!


Well, here’s something that I’m sure you can relate to…



  • You take up a hobby
  • You start a new career path



In each case, you’ll devote a good amount of time to both.

And after a while you’ll start to see similarities between

the two.


And in today’s headline I was simply comparing the

similarities between working out and when you first put

your hands behind the wheel of a car.


You will do both of those things at some point in your life.

However, what you don’t want to do is totally screw up

how well you perform by not starting in the correct way.


Luckily, I started off correctly with both. But not doing so

can lead to bad habits that can be very hard to unlearn.


The brain is like a sponge, so make sure that you soak

it up with the good stuff.


But ultimately, you’ll want to start your journey in driving

and working out with a guide to base your actions on.

Especially in working out. Because if you don’t, you put

yourself at risk of injury. Some of which can put you out

for good.


This actually happened to one of my college tutors. He

was in his mid 20’s at the time, ripped with size to match.

The girls loved him and the guys respected him. Then one

day he got injured. He couldn’t train for months. In fact,

his heavy lifting days were over for good. His female fans

didn’t take much notice. But he did lose a lot if his male

fans (Remember, they were all aged 16-18).


But guess what?


His injury wasn’t due to something that he did in the gym.

It was something that happened outside of the gym. And

this happened due to incorrect form while manoeuvring the

body in normal daily tasks (Pushing, pulling, lifting, lugging,



Which are all things you have to do in your workouts.


So practicing good form will not only help you perform better

and prevent injury in your workouts. It will also improve how

you function outside of your workouts. Especially at work

and home which ironically make for some of the most unsafe

places for bad stuff to happen to you (Which is where his

injury happened).


Which is why today I’m giving you the book of 6 pac

building exercises for free.




Now, I know that you still think about sit ups and crunches as

being the protocol exercises to build abs. That’s just how the

masses have labelled it. But that is of course far from the



You can build them with compound exercises such as squats,

deadlifts and pull ups. And these are the exercises among a

few others that you’ll learn to perform in the correct way from

this ebook.




There is of course more detailed information on how to prevent

or even correct injury (which I will cover in more details soon).

But it all starts with good form.






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