Special Foods For Fat Loss (Part 2)

Last December (2011). I created 10-15 info packed videos as a part of three 5 part video series. About half of them became popular, and they were doing

the viral rounds across the web, mainly around Facebook. Up until now, and after analysing all of the views and comments, the video that stood out

the most was ‘special foods for fat loss’ (And abs… as I say in the video).


After looking back, I can see why. Some individuals even stated that they took notes (here). Or that they have now cleaned up their diet and started to eat

cantaloupe wedge and the rest. You can watch the video here.


But today, I want to share some more super foods that you can add to your diet. And I’ll be including them in the meal plans series for sure.

More special foods for fat loss (Annnd… Abssss):




– 30% of ‘complete’ proteins (All essential amino acids.

Including lysine, which is responsible for the growth

and repair of your muscles)

– Protects against heart disease/diabetes

– A great source of magnesium, iron and copper

– Is a whole (unprocessed) food

– Can be used with salads, cereals and dips





– Contains unique oil components limonene, eugenol

myristcin. The later helps activate a powerful

antioxidant called glutathione.

– Other antioxidants include apigenin, apiin, luteoline

and crisoeriol

– High in Vitamin C, A, iron and folic acid (This can

help prevent spinal-column birth defects

– Buy organic and buy it fresh



Nori (Seaweed)


I talked about this before. Especially the Nori-wraps.


– 50% protein content (Very high)

– Contains iodine (Which helps to control your

metabolism, since it supports the thyroid gland)





This is a mega powdered supplement that can be a

great addition to your shakes. Check the stats:


– Amino acids

– Vitamins B, C, E

– Calcium

– Zince

– Magnesium

– Iron

– Complex carbs

– Improves stamina, builds muscle, balances hormones

– increases fertility

– Helps to kill the stress that you put on your body




– High in Vitamin A, C and K

– Iron (This is how you stay red blooded and colorful)

– Promotes good liver health

– Buying tips: Deep coloured ‘smaller’ leaves, hard stems,

keep refrigerated and eat within 48 hours of buying



Sesame seeds


– High in calcium, copper and magnesium

– Can be great to add to shakes


Spirulina (Algae)


– Contains all 22 amino acids! (60 grams per 100 grams)

– Fish eat algae, so this serves as the true source of

Omega 3 EFA’s

– You can buy 100% raw spirulina in powdered form

– Add it to your drinks FitBuzzers


The reason why I think the video was popular, is because these types of foods aren’t heavily promoted in supermarkets. So you have to know what you’re looking for. And now YOU know 🙂








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