Should You Do Your Cardio And Weight Training In The Same Workout?


Hi FitBuzzers


This is a question that comes up quite a lot and many seem

to be confused every single time. But the truth is, it doesn’t

really matter as long as you have your nutrition plan in

place. But if you are planning on doing both your cardio

and weight training on the same day, then it’s usually a

good idea to split them up into separate sessions.


So you could start the day with a  30 minute cardio session

and then follow it up with a weight training session later on

in the day. There are a few benefits to working out this way

as well.


1)  Do you remember in the previous email when I stated that

your metabolism gets a slight boost for a few hours after you

workout? Well, if you perform 2 workouts, you’ll get a double



2) Do you remember the benefits of performing cardio on an

empty stomach? Of course you do :). Which is what you’ll

also benefit from as well.


3) If you split your workouts, then you can benefit from

the effects of immediate post workout nutrition after performing

your weight training workout.


4) You’ll have more energy for each session


5) Less chance of over-training


6) You boost your hormonal responses to exercise



Now, if you aren’t able to split your training sessions. Simply

perform your cardio workout right after your weight training

session. Remember, you can always keep both workouts

30 minutes long. Ths way, you won’t tire yourself out.


Again, don’t worry about this too much. Stress will cause more

damage than bad training and nutrition at times. If you are

consistent and feed yourself the correct way you’ll be just fine.





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