Sheena November 2015 Plan

Hi Sheena

Welcome to your first official month on the S-curve Challenge.

The following is a tailored plan for the first month, based on the answers to the

questions you sent. Let’s go…


Your workouts

You seem to easily experience pain when it comes to working out. Especially with

your knees and lower back.

You stated that bodyweight workouts cause you pain. However, I believe that

may have only been the case due to pregnancy and/or non-consistent workouts.

The first regime I’ll put you on is a bodyweight routine that’s designed to shred

your body into an S-curve, targeting your abs, butt and back.

All of the rules can be found on the program page below.

The Epic butt/Tiny waist Bodyweight Circuit


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you need to do everyday. Even on your official workout


– They boost results

– They help you stay on the fitwagon during challenging times


The current video above is a place holder for another day or so.

It’s a great tailored daily exercises video, but I think it might be a little challenging for you. But feel free to give it a shot. It’s only 10 minutes and we’ll at least know what your current strength levels are.



We can skip this for now, since the current workout regime acts as HIIT cardio.


Your nutrition plan

The foods that you’re currently eating are S-curvishly great.

The main thing we need to focus on is putting these foods into the S-curve meal structure.

Let’s do that with the foods you talked about…



– Cantaloupe

– Almonds

– Pineapple

– Yoghurt (Go low fat)

– Oatmeal

– Strawberries

– Bananas

– Eggs (Stick with egg whites only for now. Or limit the amount of yolk you eat)

– Ezekiel bread

– Protein powders (They can be a replacement for sugar too. Such as on oatmeal)



– Ezekiel bread (Optional)

– Egg whites

– Protein powders

– Salads

– Chicken/Turkey breast

– Sweet potatoes (Optional)

– Veggies



– Chicken/Turkey breast

– Sweet potatoes

– Veggies


We won’t be focusing on any calorie/grams ‘yet’. Just eat until you feel content.

There’s many S-curve meal examples to follow on the doc below.

Your simple meals (For variety)

Variety plays a big part on your journey to S-curve results. But more on that later.

I’ll see you over on FB messenger for ongoing 121 coaching.