Sheena December Plan

Hi Sheena

Welcome to Month #2

A new tab opens up every month, just like we have done here.

Your plan will change every 4-6 weeks.


#1 To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

#2 To cover any overlap from the previous month. Which is what’s happening with your first month from what I can see.


Your workouts

We’ll continue with the bodyweight circuit routine for workouts with round #2.


Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit #2

Your tailored daily exercises

The video above will change once you start round #2.

Your nutrition plan

Now we’re going to look into your tailored nutrition plan doc.

Your tailored nutrition plan

Every part of it is worth looking through, in terms of getting specific.

But the main areas to look at are…

#1 Page 10 – This is how you workout your gram amounts in each of your meals.

You can gauge it against your total protein/carb/gram amounts on page 2.

But you only need to do that when you get ‘curious’ about a meal.

For the most part, you’ll still be focusing on gauging your meal amounts visually, along with the food types.

#2 The food types on page 6

The S-curve simple meals is a better doc than this, since it’s structured and simple to read/apply.

However, the list of foods on this page shows your food options a little clearer. So look through it. New foods are always being added.