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Hello Shawn (You are the female ME :D)

This is your LIVE update member page. Anything that we discuss or create, will end up here. It’s the only place you’ll ever have to go.

Let’s get right into it @ your plan!


Your physical goal = To shred your stomach, triceps, back and inner thighs

But before we get into the workout routine that’ll ‘trigger’ those results. Let me introduce you to the Tailored Daily Exercise video.


These videos are created for you specifically. It’s where I talk to YOU directly.

They are short 2-3 minute videos, that include exercises that will hit your ‘discussed’ body parts.

Why do we do them?

1) To boost the speed of results

2)To keep you on the fit wagon when times get tough and you can’t get full workouts done, for whatever reason

You’ll do them first thing in the morning, or before you go to bed. It’ll only take 10 minutes every time.

The exercises, reps and sets are as follows…

– Laying tricep extensions 2 x 12 reps (You can use your resistance bands for this… Simply lay on the band. This variation was chosen, to prevent extra pressure going to your shoulders. Which may happen with some other exercise variations)

– Push up, burpee, jump 2 x 10 reps (This exercise is all about total body fat loss. But you don’t have to do the push up, if your shoulders give you problems)

– A high level variation of the bicycles exercise 2 x 7 reps each leg

– Wide stance squat 2 x 8 reps

Your official routine

The S-curve bodyweight circuit is the ultimate routine for your current goal.

Simply follow the instructions on the page.

>> The official S-curve bodyweight circuit <<

These routines last 4-6 weeks. We usually change the routine every 4-6 weeks to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change. That’s one part of the S-curve formula that speeds up results.

Your body should shred, without shrinking your butt, by doing a routine like this. ‘Cardio’, especially slow-go cardio shrinks your butt and isn’t much of a results booster.

Your nutrition plan

Your S-curve meal structure is slightly different, since you’ll be working out in the mornings.


Breakfast (Early morning/Pre workout)

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit

Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein


Post workout

Carbs (Fast digesting) = Fruit

Protein (Fast digesting) = Whey protein


Breakfast ‘meal’ (Approx 1-2 hours later)

Carbs (Fast & slow digesting) = Granola/Apple

Protein (Fast & slow digesting) = Egg white

Fats (Mono/poly-saturated) = Yolk from eggs



Protein (Slow digesting) = Salmon

Fat (Mono/poly-saturated) = Avocados

Fibrous carbs = Asparagus

Slow carbs (Optional) = Brown bread



Protein (Slow digesting) = Chicken breast

Carbs (Slow digesting) = Brown rice

Fibrous carbs = Broccoli


Late night munchies

Casein (This works best, as it’ll prepare your body for the morning workouts) or any high protein/low carb food.


Important notes

– We don’t focus on calories or grams at all at this stage. Simply eat until you feel content. Food types are more important. The workouts will govern how hungry you’ll get. Hence…

– No fruits at night

> Here’s some S-curve meals to play around with <

The goal, is to get you used to the S-curve meal structure. It’s all about using those meals to create ideas for your own meals. We’ll dig deeper into the ‘food’ a little later on.


This video is the S-curve meal structure explained, via a live food shopping trip

Future updates will appear below.

Everything that you see above, is the foundation. The future updates that appear below, will come from the things that we talk about together on FB messenger.

This is also the $300 a month results phase. Everything that we do there, is happening during this foundation month.

Everything is new for both of us at this stage. So let’s get to work.



Oh… And keep this page private. No one can see it, unless you show it to them.


July 12th update

A food list for on the road S-curve munchies

Nutrient dense… Spikey fruit, high ‘good fat’ foods and foods that are high in protein or carbs… That don’t get squashed and crushed easily. And don’t become stale as they become warm.

– Apricots

– Raisins

– Peaches

– Prunes

– Oranges

– Goji berries

– Walnuts, pecan nuts, pistachio nuts

– Avocados (Works well as a bread spread)

– Casein powder (Mix it when you’re ready to consume)

– Ezekiel brown bread (Or any bread that is high in fiber)


July 18th update


Keeping an eye on the ‘fat’ grams on food labels

Counting grams and calories… We won’t be doing that, yet.

That happens a little later, when we start experiencing ‘hard to achieve’ results (The grind stage).

But watch your total daily fat grams. We want to keep it at 40 grams daily right now. And to be consumed at breakfast and lunch ONLY! 

No ‘exact’ counting. Just gauge the amounts, by reading the ingredients on the food labels. And add them up as a total.


Carb tapering

This is a results phase month. It’s the most important month of all. Sooo…

We’re going to step it up a gear, by eating half the amount of potatoes/rice/pasta that you usually would do at dinner time.


TDE video

You’ve just got through your first week. So everything is new to you. I KNOW how this feels for you right now. But one thing we must focus on this week. Is doing the TDE video above, every morning OR night without fail. It’s a results booster. ESPECIALLY at this stage.


Craving carbs in the evening?

It’s only like that… As that’s what you’ve made your body get used to, until now.

Eating evening carbs (Slow digesting – To close to bed time /Fast digesting – Any time in the evening), over time, is why there’s an excess fat gain. A gradual switch to the S-curve meal structure above, will make that go away.

The easiest thing to switch to, is whey, casein or fresh crispy greens/veggies for evening and night time munchies. 

Casein is the best – This will change everything actually… Because you’re satisfying your ‘taste’ crave. But instead, you’re consuming nutrient dense protein, instead of fat gaining carbs! 

But start small… To find > what flavor you like. Your fave milkshake… Go with a flavor similar to that!


July 27th update


#1 As a reminder… Your breakfast nutrients looks like this… (Example food in brackets)

– Slow digesting carbs (Oats)
– Fast digesting carbs (Natural orange juice)
– Slow digesting protein (Egg whites)
– Fast digesting protein (Whey on the oats)
– Mono/Poly fats (Yolk from the egg)

We need that, to refuel from the fasting that happened, during your sleeping hours. And then to fuel your body for energy that you’ll use on the day.

We are shredding current fat, without putting on any excess. And we are feeding your muscles correctly.

The results will come faster. As long as we nail it consistently.


– The protein only days that you’re doing now, are like a ‘back up plan’ day.

– But we MUST… Aim to get a full day of meals in. And to always hit the breakfast meal exact.

This is what a results phase is all about.


#2 Casein

It can indeed be sipped throughout the day, on those protein days.

In fact, bring it with you as a back up.

The reason why I hadn’t been pushing you to do that. Is because casein kills hunger pains. Which makes you want to eat less ‘real food’.

That ‘real food’ and meal variety will be the most important thing that’ll boost your results (We’ve not even progressed to meal variety coaching yet).

So… It’s all about getting you used to eating full S-curve meals and sticking to it. It’ll be easy… As long as the S-curve workouts are being done.

As that’ll trigger the hunger.

Casein for you… Was introduced to kill evening fast carbs cravings. So that will continue.


August 18th update


The Story so far

– You now know what an S-curve bodyweight circuit  is (It’s the protocol ‘shred fat and not muscle weight’ program).

– That’s partly why you saw ‘noticeable’ results in your 3rd/4th week.

– You know what the S-curve meal structure is all about now.

– You have gotten used to doing TDE videos.

All of that had to happen. And you started to get it done, after learning everything that was put in front of you, during the first two weeks = Success.

I’ve also learned a lot about your lifestyle. Which has to keep on happening! So that we can continue to create important live updates, in order to push your results forward.

We already talked about that. So keep on spilling the beans about your issues. Don’t hold back. Not eveeeeer!

This is just the beginning. A great start. So right now. We need to focus on improving…

– Physical results
– Increases in strength
– Pushing through to more advanced exercises
– Meal/Food variety

All over the next 3 months. And at the pace that we’re currently going.

Your first 2 weeks is what a results phase feels like. But how we’ve been, over the past 2 weeks of the 5 weeks, is what a lifestyle phase feels like.

And looking at your lifestyle… It would be best to continue on the lifestyle phase.

You’ve already seen that page. So > this is the Paypal link for it.

So… Let’s get into the next phase.