Hi Shannon

You’re pregnant right now… So that changes a few things.

The focus now, is to structure your entire plan so that…

#1 You keep your mindset ‘S-curvish’ before and after birth.

#2 You have a place to refer to after the initial 6 months are done (Next month).

This month… Let’s get into it…


Your workouts

Effective Epic Butt & Teeny Tiny Waist Split Routines

The title is pretty self explanatory. But it will do just that.


Your tailored daily exercises

These change every month as usual. The reason for this month… Is so that you have extra info for your arsenal.

The video above explains all for this month.


Your nutrition plan

It’s business as usual here right now.

Expect to see new meal plans added to the current 15 that you can see now.

More to be added throughout the month…

I’ll see you back over on Skype/Email.