Shannon November 2015 Plan

Hi Shannon

Your plan is very different this month due to your pregnancy.

You don’t ever have to ‘completely’ fall off the fitwagon.

All we need to so is adjust for whatever situation arises.

This is your final month (For now). It’s also holiday season month.
So you’re going to start seeing holiday season goodies come through
on your member page.

Let’s go

Your workouts (See video above)

Weeks 1-2

– Bleep test walk
– Bleep test walk with ankle weights

For 20-30 mins

It’s kind of like a relaxed speed walk, back and forth over 10-15 meters.

Week 3-4 (Or when your body becomes comfortable)

– Hand raised push ups
– Bodyweight squats
– Arm circles
– Bodyweight standing lunge

– Running on the spot
– Bodyweight floor abduction
– Hand raised mountain climbers
– Hand raised knee to elbow twist

We’ll gauge what stage you’re at before and after pregnancy.

Don’t worry. I’ll be guiding you personally. Just make sure you updates every couple of weeks. OK!


Your nutrition plan

You’ll have to let me know what you’ve been advised to do. Then I can create a plan for this and work it until you’re up on your feet again.

Because you’ll be a different person after birth, I’m sure.

Reply via email as usual.