Shannon August 2015 Plan

Hi Shannon

Your mid section is the area that we need to hit the most. So that will continue. We’ll just keep on speeding up the process to get there.

Your tailored daily exercises for the month…

All leg raises
Hands raised knee to elbow
Clam super rep
Single arm kettle


Your workouts

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit #2


Is what you’ll be on this month.

The workouts change to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

Round 2 is also more targeted than round one. So this should provide a shred boost.


Your tailored nutrition plan

Tailored nutrition plan

Just go to page 10. That’s the only thing that you need to apply at this current plan.

We’ll continue to carb and calorie taper your meals for the month.

Skype weekly checkin without fail

We’re going to be on Skype every week. I’ll be ‘onto you’, so be ready.

Let’s GO!