Scenario experiment #1: One month on a lifestyle phase

Fitbuzzer Mikpolicella


You all know about > these scenarios right…

That’s how 2017 looked for quite a few members. It was just a smooth 18 month ride on auto-payments (Although that would give you the best ‘overall’ results).

So… We’re going to experiment with one of those scenarios.


That is…

Scenario experiment #1: One month on a S-curve Lifestyle Phase

– This will allow you to lay all of your problems out properly, over a one month period.

– To have 121 chats without holding back (Since you’re now an official member for one month).

– To experience the complete ‘becoming S-curvish’ part of the experience (Not just newsletter ‘ingredients’).


A which point… You’ll know if you’ll want to continue on with the process.

And if you don’t (At least not immediately). Then… You’d now have an entire one month formula to play with.

Just minus the continued updates and 121 coaching chats.


So let’s get if you’re in on this first ‘scenario experiment’


What to do after you’re done with Paypal?

#1 Message me directly here: http://

#2 We’ll take it from there