Hi Yani

This is the page where you’ll find all of YOUR S-Curve files, links and bonuses.

The tabs at the top are the links to each of your completed/to-be completed months on OSC.

The Venus Workouts

Your tailored nutrition plan


Aphrodite Butt Building

The guide to long term strength progression

Your simple meals (For variety)


Your month #1 plan


– Just ‘eat’ for the first month


– Venus workout = Butt and abs (Go heavy)

– NO cardio days at all

Daily exercises

You do one of these exercises everyday. Even on the days that you do your complete workouts. Watch the video above for a demonstration.

– Single leg super rep squat

– The hardest bicycles exercises

– The clam

– Calf raises

– Bices/Tricep exercises

S-Curve Member Yani Tailored Video Series