Online S-curve member vs 'In person' Challenge (LIVE!)


#1 The questions < you need to answer before we begin

#2 The ‘start’ link < It’s a 6 week challenge and It’ll be up until the 20th of September. Because we’ll be starting our fall season S-curve shenanigans after that date.

> I’ve added the LIVE Skype living room workout as a feature.

You’ll set up your camera in the gym (Usually a quiet private room) or in your home.

You’ll angle the camera so that I can see you working out.

We’ll go live on the video call and I’ll verbally coach/push you along throughout the entire workout.

> Your LIVE challenge page will remain private when you start.

> If you start and decide to continue after the 6 weeks are over… You’ll be put on queen plan ‘features’ for your month 2. Even if you start on stage 3 bronze.

#3 Head over to the 2nd tab above < to view the in person challenge. We’re on day 6 right now. The mandatory selfie/belfie