S-Curve Member Suborna Tailored Video Series

Your month #1 plan

Hi Suborna

The following will be your plan for the month.


Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

The guide to long term strength progression

This effectively targets your butt and abs. They’re split routines, so your whole body is being worked properly.

Tailored daily exercises

Do one of these exercises everyday, even on the days of your Venus workouts.

– Bicycles
– Leg raises
– Single squat
– Clam



– No cardio for the entire month
– Stretch at the end of each workout (This will help you grow)


Your nutrition plan

All you’ll do this month, is eat until you feel full.

Your butt will grow, because the workouts force your body to eat more.

We’ll count grams and calories next month.

But for now, just follow the meals/food types from this doc…

Your simple meals (For variety)

The following is your detailed plan that we’ll refer to from time to time

Your tailored nutrition plan