S-Curve Member Shannon June 2015 Plan

Hi Shannon

Your workouts

You’re an intermediate trainee, so I’m putting you on the Aphrodite Butt Building routine.

Aphrodite Butt Building

This focuses on high frequency training, which is how most women need to train to push through stubborn fat loss.

These are lower body split routines, so you’ll do upper body split routines from the Venus program.

Venus program upper body workouts



HIIT cardio twice a week, using the plan below.

Your HIIT plan #1

This works best with swimming, cycling, boxing, sprinting and badminton.

Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday, wether you workout or not.

It’s best to do these first thing in he morning or before bed

The goal is to speed up fat loss, so you’ll choose two exercises from the following (Watch the video above for a demonstration).

– Super rep split squat
– The clam
– Hard bicycles variation
– Running on the spot


Your nutrition plan

You’re going to calorie and carb taper your meals.

The first… Eat your biggest meal at breakfast, with gradually smaller meals throughout the day.

Then… NO rice, potatoes or pasta in your dinner meals.

There won’t be any calorie or gram counting… Yet.

Right now, you’re going to focus on sticking to the S-curve meal structure meals.

Your simple meals (For variety)

It’s designed to effectively feed your muscles while reducing a build up of unwanted fat, all without dropping daily calories.

This is just the beginning. You WILL experience results! Just make sure you take a day one selfie at the start of each month.

Let’s continue over on Skype.