S-Curve Member Noelle June 2015 Plan

Hi Noelle

Your workouts

I’ve decided to put you on the Aphrodite Butt Building program, since you’re an intermediate/advanced trainee.

Aphrodite Butt Building

However, these are lower body split routines only.

So you’re going to be doing the Venus program upper body workouts along side that.

Venus program upper body workouts

Monday – ABB
Wednesday – Venus upper
Fri – ABB

And so on…


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday. Even on your official workout days.


#1 To keep you on the fitwagon
#2 To speed up your buttgress results
#3 In your case… To ensure that you’re active, since your new job will keep you busy this month (Probably next month too)

Choose one of the first 3 exercises for your butt and the final exercise for abs.

– The clam
– Super rep squat
– 45 degree abduction
– Hardest bicycles variation

Watch the video above for a demonstration.


Your nutrition plan

Simply stick to the S-curve meal structure below.

Butt growth?

Meal variety is the name of the game when it comes to feeding your butt for growth. Hence, the many meal/food types.

Your simple meals (For variety)

The S-curve meal structure will ensure that you effectively feed your muscles while reducing a build up of unwanted fat.

The advanced workouts will force your body to WANT an increase in calorie intake.

So don’t worry about counting grams/calories (yet).

Just focus on eating via the S-curve meal structure above.



– No slow-go
– HIIT once a week via this plan…

Your HIIT plan #1

This is your foundation month and things will change here month by month. So we’ll be ‘working it’.

#1 Right here on your member page
#2 Over on FB messenger every other day