S-Curve Member Natacha Tailored Video Series

Hi Natacha

The goal:

Build your best possible 4-5 week results.

Everything that we do this month will set you up for the long term.

You’re an intermediate trainee, so we’re stepping things up from the get-go, so let’s go!

Your workouts

Aphrodite Butt Building

There are several training regimes that we can choose from. They all give different results.

The program above is an intermediate/advanced routine that will help with your goal.


Less deadlift/rows exercise variations to protect your back.

Do one extra workout a week in weeks 3 – 4.



One a week for this month

Use this HIIT plan

Your HIIT plan #1


Tailored daily exercises

These are exercise that you do everyday, even on your workout days. You’ll do two of the following exercises everyday for this first month.

– A difficult (Yet effective) bicycles variation)
– Leg raises
– Clam
– Single leg super rep squat
– Running on spot

Watch the video above to see how to execute all.


Your nutrition plan

There is a tailored nutrition plan waiting for you. But we won’t use that just yet. We tend to use it a little later, when we get more precise with your regime in the months to come.

For now, you’ll simply follow the S-curve meal structure.

This is the simple meal plan doc to follow…

Your simple meals (For variety)

Meal variety will play a big part here. But again, for this month, simply eat your favorite foods via the S-curve meal structure.

Your workouts will determine how much food your body will want to consume.

121 coaching sessions

Just choose any of the platforms that I spoke of. This is where I coach you along every other day.


Your 4.00pm – 11.00pm workdays

6.00am workout = Shake/fruit > Workout > Breakfast > Lunch > Snack before work

Any time before 4.00pm workout = Breakfast > Lunch > Snack before work