S-Curve Member Liza Tailored Video Series

– Follow your Your tailored nutrition plan

– Follow The Venus Workouts

Aphrodite Butt Building

The guide to long term strength progression

Your simple meals (For variety)

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Your month #1 plan overview

– Base nutrition plan

– YOUR S-curve meals (Simple meal structure example

Breakfast (Protein/Carbs/Fat)

– Low fat Greek yoghurt mixed with…
– Almonds
– Sunflower seeds
– Chia seeds

– Rye bread + Add your favorite spread (For ‘enjoyment’ sake)

Lunch (Protein/Fat/Carbs ‘optional’)

– Cottage cheese (Because it contains a slower digesting protein ‘casein’, low-ish
in fat and a different food source @ varying types)
– Fresh leafy greens
– Scrambled eggs (Whole)

Day time snacks

– Frozen grapes
– Almond snacks (Try almond rounds if you see them. Again… For ‘enjoyment’ sake)

Workout period (Fast digesting protein/carbs/zero fat because it slows digestion)

Pre workout

– An banana
– A flavored whey protein only shake

Post workout

– An orange
– A flavored whey protein only shake

Dinner (Protein/Carbs)

– Brown rice
– Tuna
– Cherry tomatoes

Before bed (Slow digesting protein/some fat)

– Left over Tuna

– Venus workouts

– Your tailored daily exercises (See video above)