S-Curve Member Giny Tailored Video Series

Hi Giny

This is the page where you’ll find all of YOUR S-Curve Challenge files, links and bonuses.

The Venus Workouts

Your tailored nutrition plan

The tabs at the top are the links to each of your completed/to-be completed months on the S-Curve Challenge.

Your first foundation month overview

This is your plan for the first month. Your 2nd month will be based on the results of month no.1.

– Watch the video above

– Follow your base nutrition plan above… There’s no need to calorie/gram count this month. Just focus on eating via the S-Curve meal structure

– Carb tapered dinners (No rice, potatoes, pasta)

– Venus workouts (Because of the split routines)

Daily exercises

– Tricep drop sets

– Biceps curl 21’s + Super reps

– Bicycles variation, all leg raises