S-Curve Member Emily October 2015 Plan

Hi Emily

Welcome to your first month.

Everything you see here is designed so that you can continue the plan for future months, if you go on to the official monthly program.

This first month… We’ll do everything possible to speed up results… Naturally.


Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

This regime has been chosen based on your current problem areas. And the fact that you’re an intermediate/advanced trainee.

Your tailored daily exercises (Video above)

These are exercises that you do every morning or night without fail. Even on the days of your official workouts above.

They exist to…

– Keep you on the fitwagon during hard times
– Boost results

The current video is a place holder. Your official will be there this weekend.

– Face pull > Pull apart
– Hardesr variation of the bicycles exercise
– Push up > burpee > pull up


Optional on off days for cardio

Your HIIT plan #1


Your nutrition plan

You’re a vegetarian. So some of the foods in the following doc won’t be relevant.

Your simple meals (For variety)

But, you’ll still follow and focus on the S-curve meal structure and simply eating until you feel content.

The workouts will govern how much food your body will want.

There is a tailored nutrition plan. But we won’t get into that until months 2 or 3. That’s when things get a little more precise. Which of course leads to better results.

I’ll see you over on FB messenger.