S-Curve Member Christine Steele Tailored Video Series


Hi Christine

This is the page where you’ll find all of YOUR S-Curve files, links and bonuses.

The tabs at the top are the links to each of your completed/to-be completed months on OSC.

The Venus Workouts

Your tailored nutrition plan


Your plan for month #1


– The foods you actually eat will be via the new simple meal structure

– Your tailored meal plan doc will show you the foods you can add to your existing food

– You’ll carb taper your dinners

– Don’t worry about calories/grams for now. Just eat until you feel content.

– Eat frozen fruit and frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream.


YOUR foods added to the S-curve meal structure


Breakfast (Protein/Carbs/Fat)

– Egg whites (The yolk every other occasion)
– Wheat toast (Rye, Ezekiel score highly)
– Peanut butter (Or smoothie)
– Coffee (Reduce if you can)

– Rye bread + Add your favorite spread (For ‘enjoyment’ sake)
– Oats, muesli, granola, wheat cereals
– Almond butter

Lunch (Protein/Fat/Carbs ‘To refuel since you do morning workouts’)

– Tuna with crackers
– Chicken breast (It has less fat)
– Chips (Potatoes) and cheese dip
– Tacos
– Spinach, broccoli or other leafy greens

Day time snacks

– Grapes
– Apples

Workout period (Fast digesting protein/carbs/zero fat because it slows digestion)

Pre workout

– An apple
– Whey protein with strawberries/Bananas

Post workout

– An orange
– Whey protein with strawberries/Bananas

Dinner (Protein/ No heavy carbs)

– Tuna
– Chicken breast (It has less fat)
– Spinach, broccoli or other leafy greens
– Baby tomatoes

Before bed (Slow digesting protein/some fat)

– Cottage cheese
– Casein protein with raspberries

Your workouts

– The Venus workouts

– You’ll limit squat activity

Daily exercises

> Bicycles x 2/Leg raises
> High tension quadruped hip extension/Clam
> Super rep split squat