S-Curve Member Brooke Tailored Video Series

Hi Brooke

Your workouts

The Venus Workouts

This is an intermediate/Advanced routine that effectively & efficiently hits your butt/waist.

Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday, even on the days of your official workouts. You’re an intermediate trainee. So for this month, do two of the following exercises everyday (Demonstrated in the video above).

Early in the morning or before bed works well.

– Bicycles variation
– Clam
– Single leg super rep squat



Twice a week for this month.

Use this HIIT plan…

Your HIIT plan #1

 Swimming, cycling, sprinting, badminton or boxing.

Your nutrition plan

Simply follow the meal plans below. Don’t worry about grams/calories yet.

Your simple meals (For variety)

This month is all about getting your body used to/adapted to the S-curve meal structure.

Your plan for the next month will be based on what happens by the end of this one month foundation plan.