S-curve Member 6 Week Results Phase (Red Pill)



Enter: S-curve Member 6 Week Results Phase (LIVE STREAMING)


The official program is finally here Fitbuzzers.

You are banned from doing anything else during these 6 weeks, in regards to workouts and nutrition.

It’s going to be fun, intense, you’ll love it, you’ll hate it and there’ll be loads of ups and downs.

***But the one thing I can guarantee, is that you’ll give me and this results phase a ton of virtual kisses by week 6.***

Now, you’ve seen the first ever > live and unedited version back in August 2016.

Which means you would have seen everything that you’re going to go through on this results phase LIVE.

But now it’s time to show you what the official program looks like.


6 Week Results Phase  
Features and benefits
An S-curve member live update page. Just like the one you can see on the 6 week results phase above.
100% live! You will be coached live everyday day for 6 weeks.

- Via newly recorded videos everyday. The workouts that get recorded for you will be brand new and recorded the day before you workout. The workouts that get created are based on the feedback from the previous workout.

- Via live Skype videos, FB messenger, Viber or Whatsapp.

- We take action and note/record everything, daily, on your live update page.
Live Skype video workouts (Optional)

This is where you can make a video call and do the workout, live, on the call.

You'll then be verbally coached along as you workout (Warning! It's a lot of fun).

The 'detailed' daily notes will cover...

> Food shopping trips
> Workouts
> Nutrition (The big one)
> The feedback from your family and friends
> All of the issues that we face and how we intend to overcome them
> Our on-going wins and losses
3 day 'nutrition only' phases, with app chat coaching. Usually over the weekend period (Very important).
Your plan will be structured to overcome the 'grind stage' (Explained bellow).
Instant feedback via the workouts. This means that there is no room for error since the workouts are live. If there's something that isn't working and needs to be fixed, it happens instantly.
Instant on going feedback from the moment you start your food shopping trip. A lot of time will be spent on this part of the process.
Food shopping trip variations list and video (Super important).
Months 2 and 3 of the lifestyle phase will be set up for you. So you're basically set for the next 3-4 months.

Remember…. This is will only last for 6 weeks.

> Start this if you have been experiencing stubborn results and/or if you’re going through a ‘grind stage’…

The grind stage =  The phase after your first initial noticeable results. Where results might be harder or take longer to achieve. 

– Day 1 – 14 = Initial noticeable results

– Day 15 – 45 = Phase 1 of your goal S-curve body (60% success) < Here

– 3 – 6 months = Phase 2 of your goal S-curve body (70-80% success) < Here

– 6 – 18 months = Phase 3 of your goal S-curve body (90-100% success)

> Start this if you’re a long time member that needs a kick up the butt.

> Start this if you have a holiday, wedding or special event to attend to in the next 3-4 months.

It’s literally impossible for you not to come out victorious over the next 6 weeks.

All of the above features and benefits are the reasons why your results will come fast. A serious physical, mental and spiritual boost. You will be a very different person if you are a beginner, or if you’re officially re-starting as serious trainee (this time around).

And again, you can watch this, over on the live challenge that we started in August, above. Your 6 week results phase will look very similar to that.

Life after 6 weeks?

> You can go away and do your own thing.

> You can continue on via the lifestyle phase at a much slower pace (6-18 months or 1-5 years is the timeline).

You can choose to repeat the process again at some point in the next 12 months.

Naturally, you’re going to want to speak to me directly, first, before deciding to start. So please, do that.

FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls