S-curve Coach Your Butt And Walk Away Program

photo-3-1Shred to smexy – S-curve member Pam


I’m always watching you. I’m always looking closely at YOUR life and seeing how I can improve it.

You know… Sh*t that just makes sense.

Lifestyle + Results makes sense. It’s been an organic progression to what that program
has become ‘today’.

And you may indeed end up on it at some point because of that, since it relates to what’s going on in your life at any given time.

However, there’s a number of really dedicated members who would be better suited to…


S-curve Coach Your Butt And Walk Away Program


You all want the same thing. Everything you see in the daily buttletter…
YOU want it (Do let me know if there’s something else you want help with).

The relationship issues ‘talk’, work life problems, injuries, surgeries, nutrition problems (Like being vegetarian and needing a protein boost).

But you might be one of those individuals that doesn’t need to be on the monthly Lifestyle + Results (Yet).

Instead… Or to begin with, all you might need, is this…


– A 1 hour or on-going video/voice/text coaching call (Any time of the Day!) – Optional


– A new member page that contains everything discussed their 
(This can be continued as a long term plan if you decide to start bronze/gold 
at a later date)

– One time payment ONLY

This proved to be popular last year with some members. And those coaching calls were great. They also made for some great bonding

Because we get to talk about EVERYTHING. You know… REALLY talk it out.


– Walk away with more clarity.

– Walk away with an instant genuine motivation boost.

– Walk away knowing exactly what to do (In your mind).



Becoming S-curvish – Fitbuzzer Rachel


At that point, you can then decide if you want to upgrade to something like Lifestyle + Results for the long term.

It’ll be easy too. Because you’ll get a new member page that’ll document everything that we talked about during the coaching call.

Then you can just walk away and do your own thing with it.

Follow up chats



Which is why it’s called…

Coach Your Butt And Walk Away


Are you a daily buttletter reader that can relate to the above?

I know you exist, because I still speak to some of you regularly.

Are you a past or long term member that just needs a current day update to use along side the S-curve member page area?

If so, this is also directed at YOU!


S-curve Coach Your Butt And Walk Away Program

Only $99.99

Limited Time Only


One Time Payment – Instant Access!