Start this 30 day S-curve trial (Ends 24th/25th September 2016)

– Includes one month on the gold plan from the lifestyle phase stage 3

– And all features from results phase ‘mini’

You’ll pick one or the other. I’ll determine which one you start on. But you won’t use all the features on day one. It’ll use each one over time, in a specific order.

Which leads me to…

– Your month #2 and #3 50% off

Doing one month only is of course very effective. Look what happened to > Vicky Lax this month.

But the best physical and mental changes kick in after one month.


Yup… This offer exists with the intention to ‘get you in the game’.

But it’ll only be up until Fri/Sat. So if you likey… Get ready to starty :D.


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