OSC member Rochelle Tailored Video Series

Hi Rochelle

All of the exercises in this video are tailored to your current issue… Avoiding back pain/Not targeting your back.

Because of this, it would be best for you to follow a completely tailored workout regime.

The solution

Simply choose 6 exercises from the video on each day that you do a weight training workout.

That is of course…

– 3 weight training workouts a week
– 1 HIIT style cardio session a week

You’ll focus on light/medium weights and on average, 3 sets x 8 reps on each exercise.

The full list of exercises will appear ‘right here’ soon.

The following nutrition plan will be your main plan to follow.


However, we will make changes to your nutrition plan as the months go on.

The changes will be based on your on-going results.

Your first tailored video will be up on this page this week. But this will be

your main routine to follow…



It’s a good workout for you, since you’re a beginner with weight training.

Just make sure you start with light weights. And make sure you perform the

exercises slowly… At least for the first week or two.

I’ll see you over on Whatsapp…