Roberta Tailored Plan September 2015

Hi Roberta

Reasons why your plan changes every 4-6 weeks…

– To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

– To get the best results, based on how your body looks at the current moment.

Everything will naturally become more precise over time.

You’re a busy person. So the pace will coincide with your ‘busyness’.

Let’s go…


Your workouts

Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bodyweight circuit #2

Your tailored daily exercises

These too will change every month, for the same reasons as above.

Watch the video above for a demonstration/explanation.

– Elbow to knee twist (Standing)
– Standing 45 degree abduction
– Lunge > Rotary hold
– Tri/Biceps 21’s



You can do what you like… As long as you follow the HIIT plan from last month.

– Cycling
– Sprinting
– Swimming
– Badminton
– Boxing

Are all S-curve favorites.


Your nutrition plan

We’re still going to hold off from your tailored nutrition plan for the moment. We’ll introduce it very soon.

But right now… Just focus on eating different food types for your main meals.

Variety is what will boost your results.

We’re still going to focus on carb and calorie tapering, as this will boost results.

Calorie tapering = Your largest meal starts at breakfast… Leading to gradually smaller meals until dinner. But the amount you eat will remain the same.

Carb tapering = No rice, potatoes or pasta after 8.00pm