Roberta Tailored Plan July 2015

Hi Roberta

This page is YOUR home for all of your S-curve plans every month.

A new tab will open up at the top of the page at the start of every new month, which will of course contain the plan for that month.

You can load this page up anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.


Your workouts

The Epic Butt Bodyweight Circuit (Round 1)


Because it’s ab, butt and back targeted.

Your body fat % will be high-ish. So starting with this routine to help shred to smexy will be best.

We’ll gauge results as we work it.

But the initial goal is to shred while ‘S-curve shaping’.

The on-going progress will let us know what to do next.

But the next routine should be a ‘growth’ routine. Which when we start to drastically expand your butt :D.


Your tailored daily exercises

These are exercises that you do everyday, wether you workout or not… Usually early in the morning or before you go to sleep.


– They keep you on the fitwagon when times get tough.

– They speed up results

There will always be a video at the top of the page each month, that’ll demonstrate what you need to do, as well as coaching guidance, as I speak to YOU directly in the video (The current video will change to a better quality video before the week ends).

– Push up > Burpee > Pull up (Add ankle weights if you have them)
– Clam
– Hands raised mountain climbers
– Tricep extensions


Your nutrition plan

Your simple meals (For variety)

The focus for the first month is to simply stick to the S-curve meal structure. Just eat until you feel content.

This will change around Oct/Nov when we introduce your tailored nutrition plan aka when we start to get more precise with EVERYTHING!



Your HIIT plan #1

HIIT… This works best with sprinting, cycling, boxing and swimming.

You don’t need to focus on any extra cardio this month, as it doesn’t really suit the regime that you’re on.

I’ll see you over on Viber, where I’ll be coaching you near daily. Just jump on whenever you need to query something.